Sunday, July 28, 2013

Down to Business!

More Pictures!

Family Fun Picnic Pack Meeting

On Friday night we had a great Cub Scout activity with the boys and their family.  Thanks to pinterest I had found all kinds of outdoor games for the kids to play.  Ellis and Perry had come over earlier in the month and helped me make all of the games.  There were several highlights but I think hands down the bottle rockets and the marshmallow shooters were especially enjoyed by the boys.  What a great time--I love serving with the Cub Scouts.

Act of Kindness

We were able to go to Utah to spend time with our grandkids and Bill recently.  We had invited Ellis to come along.  It was wonderful and we all had a lot of fun.  One of the days we went to Salt Lake City and spent much of the day at the "This is the Place" park.  One of the activities they had for the kids was panning for gold.  The kids were having a great time picking out little pieces of gold mingled with the sand.  Ellis was quite proficient and had accumulated quite a bit.  I was holding it for him.  After a short time he came over and asked me if he could have some of the gold he had found.  He took about a tablespoon full and then walked over to where Will was panning.  He hadn't found any yet but kept trying.  Ellis said to him, "let's try here" and then helped him scoop out some rocks and sand and then Ellis discreetly emptied his hand over the collected rocks.  He showed Will how to get rid of the rocks and then to start looking for pieces of gold.  Will was so excited when he finally started finding the gold in the sand and left very excited that he had found gold like his sister and brother and cousin had found.  Sweet gesture Ellis.  I was very proud of you.