Friday, February 24, 2017


Caleb had a dental appointment this morning in Loma Linda and came back from it with a few less teeth.  He was very proud of how "awesome" he looked without his front teeth!  He is right--he does look awesome.


Notice the exclamation point made out of candy Kiss foil!
Ava spent the night with us on Thursday because her little brother had to go to have some dental surgery done early Friday morning.  Any time we have any of our grandchildren around it is such a treat and such a great blessing.  After breakfast we drove her to school and dropped her off.  When we got home I walked by the playroom and noticed something on the table.  Being a grandparent is truly one of the greatest blessings we old people get!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The second major project is now done.  We finished painting the inside of the house and if you don't look at some of the baseboards and a couple of places on the carpet it looks pretty great.  Unfortunately, I will now have to repaint the baseboards in the bedroom and bathrooms which will be added to my to do list.  The next big project will be to replace the carpet in the living room, dining room, hallways, and playroom with wood floors.  It has been a big job but I have loved being reminded that I still can do hard things!  Up and down that ladder was a big deal and I managed to do it as long as I gave my knees a break for a few days before I started another room!

Loved my crate project for the bathroom


If you don't know poison control's number you do now.  I found that out when Scott swallowed hydrogen peroxide.  I explained to him that after he brushed his teeth he needed to gargle with the hydrogen peroxide and then spit it into the sink.  Unfortunately, he missed the gargle part and swallowed the peroxide right down.  Yuck!  I had left to put my shoes on and when I came back I realized that he had misunderstood and then I grabbed the bottle and it said, "if swallowed call poison control,"  hence I now know the number!  Before I called I had him drink a lot of water which I found out when I talked to the person on the line that that was the right thing to do.  I was told to make sure he didn't lay down for at least an hour because he may throw up and they didn't want him to have any go into his lungs.  He didn't have any problems as a result--but I don't think I will get past it any time soon!

Birthday Girl

I haven't been putting posts for our grandkids birthdays this year but I couldn't resist sharing this cute picture of Eden at Toys R Us celebrating her 3rd birthday.  Happy Birthday sweet Eden.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sweet Sounds

If you have known Scott for many years you would probably describe him as a very serious person and that would have been an apt description.  When he would laugh about something it always tickled me because I knew that something had reached far inside of him and let him relax a little and enjoy a special experience. He also spent very little time in front of the television.  In fact he admitted many times that if he would have had it his way we would never have one.  Now he spends most of his day in front of the television from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night.  I plan time each day to get us out of the house so that he can have other distractions but when we walk in the house the television has to come on.  I tell you these things to explain a silver lining that I have been experiencing.  Scott laughs!  So many things make him just burst out laughing and although I don't think he always understands what is going all he seems to relish the absurd.  I have grown to love that sound of laughter and I am so grateful that I get to experience so many things through his eyes now that he can enjoy even a moment of happiness.  Just thinking about his laughter makes me smile!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Getting Some zzzz!

Couldn't help but smile at Scott and Bill when I looked over and saw them both sound asleep while Bev and I were busy getting things done!